Factors Independently Associated With Increased Odds of Mortality

VariableMortality OR95% Confidence IntervalP
Model adjusted for PRISM score*
    GCS score ≤83.431.88–6.25<.001
    Surgical referral3.291.73–6.28<.001
    PRISM score1.111.07–1.14<.001
Secondary analysis
    GCS score ≤85.162.95–9.00<.001
    Admitted to ICU4.681.77–12.34.002
    Surgical referral3.842.04–7.26<.001
    ECMO referral3.271.14–9.40.028
  • * A stepwise logistic regression analysis that included variables whose P values were <.25 in univariate analysis was performed. Additional regression analyses demonstrated that variable interactions were not significantly associated with outcome.

  • PRISM score was excluded from this regression model.