Bad-News Content Items Appearing First in Misleading Transcripts

Misleading Transcripts, N (% possible)*
Content code: disease nonspecific
    There is a screening result (nos)23 (56.1)
    There is a positive screening result6 (14.6)
    There is a concerning screening result1 (2.4)
    One possible result of a newborn-screening test is that the infant has a disease1 (2.4)
Content code: disease specific
    The CF newborn-screening test was positive8 (30.8)
    The SCH newborn-screening test was positive2 (13.3)
  • Misleading/bad-news content codes that never appeared first are omitted from this list. nos indicates not otherwise specified.

  • * Percentages were calculated on the basis of the number of misleading transcripts (CF = 26 of 29; SCH = 15 of 30; all disease-nonspecific = 41 of 59).