First Good-News Content Items

Misleading Content: Bad News Before Good NewsMisleading Transcripts, N (% Possible)*
Topic: screening test
    Screening is CF-carrier positive possible1 (3.8)
    Screening is SCH-carrier positive10 (66.7)
Topic: infant (now or future)
    Infant is healthy now4 (9.8)
    Infant is growing and/or developing normally now12 (29.3)
    Infant may be a CF carrier6 (20.7)
    Infant does not have CF disease2 (6.9)
    Infant is an SCH carrier6 (20)
    Infant does not have SCH disease2 (6.7)
    Infant has a single allele only (any)1 (2.4)
    Infant will never get the disease1 (2.4)
  • * Percentages were calculated on the basis of the number of misleading transcripts (CF = 26 of 29; SCH = 15 of 30; all disease-nonspecific = 41 of 59).