Misleading-Content Items

Misleading Content: Bad News Before Good NewsMisleading Transcripts, N (% Possible)*
Topic: screening test
    There is a screening result (nos)27 (65.9)
    There is a positive screening result23 (56.1)
    Screening is CF positive24 (82.8)
    Screening is CF positive possible3 (10.4)
    Screening is SCH positive8 (26.7)
    Screening result is concerning3 (7.3)
    One potential screening result is that there is a disease5 (12.2)
Topic: infant (now or future)
    Infant may need treatment2 (4.9)
    Infant needs to see a specialist as a child2 (4.9)
    Infant may need to see a specialist as a child1 (2.4)
    We need to do what is best for child2 (4.9)
  • nos indicates not otherwise specified.

  • * Percentages were calculated on the basis of the number of misleading transcripts (CF = 26 of 29; SCH = 15 of 30; all disease-nonspecific = 41 of 59).