Diagnostic and Therapeutic Interventions and Permanent Complications for 138 Patients With FOP

Type of InterventionNo. (%)
InterventionIntervention Performed After Diagnosis of FOPPermanent Complications*
Biopsy92 (67)432 (35)
Surgical procedure48 (35)1029 (60)
    Removal of mass3124
    Operation on toes264
Dental procedureNA1214
Intramuscular injection§NA812
Physiotherapy39 (28)6 (15)
  • NA indicates information not available.

  • * Permanent complications occurred for 67 patients. This column totals >67 because some patients reported permanent complications resulting from >1 intervention.

  • Percentage of all patients who responded to the questionnaire.

  • Percentage of patients receiving the intervention who suffered a permanent complication.

  • § Including immunizations.