Thromboembolic Findings, Treatment, and Outcomes in 9 Children (Age ≤21 Years) With LALLS

CaseSiteVaso-occlusionSeptic PEAnticoagulationTE Outcome (3–6 Mo)Time to Thrombus ResolutionThrombophilic Abnormalities
1L IJYesNo7 wk (LMWH)PersistentN/A↑ FVIII
2L IJYesNoN/A (none)PersistentN/ALA, ACA IgM
3L IJYesNo12 mo (LMWH)PersistentN/A↑ FVIII
4L IJNoYes3 mo (VKA)Resolved6 wkFactor V Leiden, heterozygous
5R IJNoYes9 wk (LMWH)Resolved4 wk↑ FVIII
6L IJNoYes7 wk (LMWH)Resolved7 wkLA, ACA IgG
7R IJNoNo6 mo (LMWH)Resolved3 wkNE
8L IJYesYes9 mo (LMWH, then VKA)PersistentN/ALA, ↑ FVIII
9L IJYesYes3 moResolved6 wkNE
  • TE indicates thromboembolic; L, left; R, right; IJ, internal jugular vein; LMWH, low molecular weight heparin (enoxaparin); N/A, not applicable; VKA, vitamin K antagonist (warfarin); ↑ FVIII, elevated factor VIII activity; LA, lupus anticoagulant positive; ACA, anticardiolipin antibody positive; NE, not evaluated.