Table 8.

Variables and Baseline Estimates Used in the Risk and Cost-effectiveness Analyses

Diagnosis of UTI
Prevalence of UTI0.05
Sensitivity of culture1.0
Specificity of culture1.0
Cost of culture$21.50
Sensitivity of bag culture1.0
Specificity of bag culture0.7
Cost of bag culture$21.53
Sensitivity of urinalysis0.92
Specificity of urinalysis0.70
Cost of urinalysis$6.77
Treatment of UTI
Cost of antimicrobials for UTI$10.00
Probability of treatment complication0.10
Cost of treatment complication$100
Risk of death due to complication1.0 × 10−4
Risk of sepsis with UTI0.09
Efficacy of treatment0.95
Cost of sepsis$10 000
Probability sepsis will resolve0.7
Probability of death from sepsis0.10
Probability of VUR0.40
Probability VUR is high grade0.41
Imaging evaluation
Sensitivity of renal ultrasonography for low-grade VUR0.14
Sensitivity of renal ultrasonography for high-grade VUR0.82
Specificity of renal ultrasonography for VUR1.0
Cost of renal ultrasonography$304
Sensitivity of full imaging evaluation1.00
Specificity of full imaging evaluation1.00
Cost of full imaging evaluation$637
Complications of abnormalities
Risk of scarring without VUR0.07
Risk of scarring, low-grade VUR0.13
Risk of scarring, high-grade VUR0.53
Risk of hypertension after scarring0.20
Cost of hypertension$100 000
Risk of ESRD after scarring0.05
Cost of ESRD$300 000