Table 1.

Prevalence of UTI

AuthorYearSample SizePrevalence95% CICommentsQualityScore
Hoberman et al12 19939450.0530.039 –0.067Febrile infants in an emergency room settingGood1
Roberts et al13 19831930.0410.013 –0.070Febrile infants in an emergency room settingGood1
Bonadio11 19872150.0560.025 –0.086Chart review of febrile infants with no source of fever who are admitted to rule our sepsisFair1
Bauchner et al14 19871970.020.000 –0.040Infants 3 to 37 months, temperature >37.8°CGood1
North15 1963820.0610.009 –0.113Infants <2 years, temperature >38°C, in emergency and outpatient clinicsFair0.66
Baker and Arner16 19937470.0320.019 –0.045Febrile children in an emergency departmentFair0.66
Kramer et al17 199324670.0410.033 –0.049Retrospective study of febrile infants 3 to 24 Months in an emergency roomGood0.66
Ginsburg and McCracken4 1982200.010.000 –0.0543- to 8-Month-old boysGood1
Buys et al18 19945450.0840.061 –0.107Birth to 3 years with fever, selected, UTI suspectedFair0.66
Pylkkanen et al19 1979190.5790.357 –0.801Substratum of study population; children <1 year with fever onlyFair0.63
 Pooled Prevalence0.0480.042 –0.054
 Total Pooled Prevalence0.0490.043 –0.054
Studies of different, but related populations
McIntyre et al20 19902720.0260.007 –0.045Children <2 years who had febrile convulsionsGood1
Siegel et al92 1973600.2000.099 –0.301Infants with a various symptoms, FTT, fever, rash, dysuria, diarrhea, irritabilityGood1
Pryles and Luders22 1961400.0800.000 –0.164Hospitalized patientsPoor0