Main Points Discussed With the Fathers of the Intervention Group

1. Why “breast is best” for the mother and the infant
2. The special role of the father as a champion for the mother, the infant, and breastfeeding
3. The main concerns of the fathers about breastfeeding: feelings of inadequacy, jealousy, diminished relationship with the mate, feeling left out of feeding the infant
4. How breastfeeding works: good breastfeeding positioning, infant latching and suckling, frequency of feeding
5. How to reinforce the confidence of the mother in her ability to breastfeed, how to give practical help, and how to support and encourage her to go on with breastfeeding when she is tired
6. What to do if the mother is convinced that the milk is not sufficient: how to check urine output and weight gain to evaluate whether breast milk is sufficient and how to promote more frequent feeding
7. What to do when the infant refuses the breast
8. How to manage sore and inverted nipples, breast engorgement, and mastitis
9. How to express the milk because of return to work and how to store it