Variations in Consideration of CSA Between Clinical Services for 124 Children With HPV

Clinical Service*No. of Cases
HPV Cases ExaminedCSA ConsideredAny Evaluation in CSA ClinicFull Evaluation in CSA ClinicBiopsy Performed
Pediatric surgery or urology§201811812
Emergency department64321
Primary care99640
CSA clinic171717172
  • * Service that evaluated the child and made a diagnosis of HPV infection and/or referred the child to the CSA clinic.

  • The associations of clinical service (excluding patients referred directly to the CSA clinic by an agency) with abuse consideration, any CSA evaluation, and full CSA evaluation all had P < .001.

  • Includes 4 cases with social worker forensic interviews, 2 with discussions between the referring provider and the CSA physician, and 3 in which evaluation was deemed unnecessary after referral with a missed appointment.

  • § Of these, 15 were examined in pediatric surgery and 5 in pediatric urology.

  • Of these, 1 was examined first in obstetrics/gynecology.

  • These children were referred directly to the CSA clinic by agencies, rather than by a clinical service, although a primary care site might have been involved in some cases.