Sources of Lead Exposure and Prevention Strategies59

SourcePrevention Strategy
    PaintIdentify and abate
    DustWet mop (assuming abatement)
    SoilRestrict play in area, plant ground cover, wash hands frequently
    Drinking waterFlush cold-water pipes by running the water until it becomes as cold as it will get (a few seconds to 2 minutes or more; use cold water for cooking and drinking
    Folk remediesAvoid use
    Cosmetics containing additives such as kohl or surmaAvoid use
    Old ceramic or pewter cookware, old urns/kettlesAvoid use
    Some imported cosmetics, toys, crayonsAvoid use
    Contaminated mineral supplementsAvoid use
    Parental occupationsRemove work clothing at work; wash work clothes separately
    HobbiesProper use, storage, and ventilation
    Home renovationProper containment, ventilation
    Buying or renting a new homeInquire about lead hazards
    Lead dust in carpetCover or discard
    Hand-to-mouth activity (or pica)Frequent hand washing; minimize food on floor
    Inadequate nutritionAdequate intake of calcium, iron, vitamin C
    Developmental disabilitiesEnrichment programs