Table 6.

Prevalence of Urinary Tract Abnormality Among Patients With UTI

Type of Urinary Tract AbnormalityPrevalence of Abnormality Among Patients With UTI, %Age of Study SubjectsSample SizeReference
VUR21<8 mo86Ginsburg and McCracken4
VUR73<1 y131Farnsworth et al126
Any abnormality26Infants39Elzouki et al93
Any abnormality430–2 y21Burbige et al133
VUR540–3 y35Buys et al18
VUR54<3 y303Jodal66
Any abnormality501–2 y4Burbige et al133
Any abnormality223 mo–12 y99Madrigal et al58
VUR45<8 mo, female31Ginsburg and McCracken4
VUR7<8 mo, male55Ginsburg and McCracken4
Any abnormality41<1 y, male17Burbige et al133
Abnormal VCUG372–16 y83Nolan et al60
Any abnormality41<10 y, male17Cohen49
VUR392 mo–12 y, First
 Symptomatic UTI
VUR340–10 y452Jodal66
VUR364 mo–17 y104Wientzen et al55
Any abnormality1514 mo–11 y20Bailey and Abbott120
VUR310–13 y572McKerrow et al3
VUR310–18 y94Majd et al125
For all studies of infants <3 y51