Table 4.

Pediatricians' Opinions on Issues Involving Breastfeeding Promotion and Benefits Based on Pediatricians' Personal Experience With Breastfeeding

Personal Experience (n = 657)No Personal
(n = 435)
Almost any mother can be successful at breastfeeding if she keeps trying**
Breastfeeding and formula-feeding are equally acceptable methods for feeding infants**
Formula-feeding is more reliable and easier for both the mother and the baby**
The benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any difficulties/inconveniences mothers may encounter**
In the long run, formula-fed babies are just as healthy as breastfed babies**
  • * Data for respondents with no personal experience with breastfeeding include those who never had children and those whose children never breastfed. The data for both subgroups were similar and the results combined. Scale of responses 1 to 5 was used;Agree = 1 + 2, disagree = 4 + 5. Neutral responses are not presented.

  • ** P < .01.