VE Adjusted According to Household Structure Variables and Stratified According to Age

Age 6–23 moAge 24–59 moAll Ages
OR or VE95% CIOR or VE95% CIOR or VE95% CI
    Either parent ≤24 y of age6.83.1 to––7.9
    Any “other” household member2.51.2 to––4.1
    Any sibling 6–11 y of age2.21.2 to––2.3
VE, %
    Pertussis vaccine dose 146.0−147 to 88.295.841.1–99.774.614.3–92.5
    Pertussis vaccine dose 279.624.6 to 94.599.488.7–99.990.772.0–96.9
    Pertussis vaccine dose 391.774.5 to 97.398.586.6–99.895.187.8–98.1
    Pertussis vaccine dose 496.486.4 to 99.099.394.8–99.997.594.1–98.9
    Pertussis vaccine dose 5100100
  • Analyses included 167 case subjects and 808 control subjects.