Clinical Details at Acute Admission Are Displayed Together With the Neurologic and Behavioral Findings at Follow-up Examinations

PatientClinical FindingsAge at Follow-up, MonthsNeurologic FindingsGross Motor DQFine Motor DQSpeech and Language DQSocial Function DQOtherSeshia Outcome ScoreModified GOS
1AI = 1.5, male, SAH, SDH, CO, RH, bruising, inconsistent history, PTS = 4, PPP, decreased BP, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP (Mon), Sz, SIS (held by the neck), perp (F) convicted11Microcephaly, left hemiparesis left UMN VIIth, left homonymous hemianopia, heterotropia63726372Placid, no separation anxiety3Moderate
21Microcephaly, left hemiparesis, left UMN VIIth, left homonymous hemianopia, heterotropia48716671Placid3Moderate
30Microcephaly, left hemiparesis, left UMN VIIth, left homonymous hemianopia, heterotropia50605580Temper tantrums, self-injurious behavior (head banging)3Moderate
2AI = 3, female, SDH, CO, RH, inconsistent history, PTS = 5, PPP, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP, Sz, NS (SD drain), SIS, perp (F) convicted10Microcephaly, truncal hypotonia, severe visual impairment, left esotropia60806060Placid infant3Moderate
16Microcephaly, truncal ataxia, left esotropia636388753Moderate
23Microcephaly, truncal ataxia, right lower limb monoparesis, left esotropia65787878Temper tantrums, self-injurious behaviors (head banging and self-biting)3Moderate
3AI = 2, male, SDH, ICH, CO, RH, PTS = 2, PPP, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP, Sz, SIS, perp (F) convicted8Ataxic tetraparesis Blind Infantile spasms121212124Severe
17Ataxic tetraparesis, cortical blindness6666Cries irritably, settling for short periods to voice4Severe
4AI = 1, female, SAH, ICH, bruising, R#, PTS = 5, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP, NS (IVD), impact12Normal100100100100Normal1Good
18Truncal hypotonia83100100100Normal2Good
5AI = 8, male, craniofacial syndrome, SDH, RH, bruising (genitalia), inconsistent history, PTS = 7, Sz, SIS, perp (uncle)14Craniofacial syndrome797979791Good
20Craniofacial syndrome75757575Temper tantrums, self-injurious behaviors, sleep disturbance2Good
6AI = 18, female, SDH, bruising, PTS = 10, narcotics, perp (BF), impact31Normal97907797Normal1Good
7AI = 7, male, SDH, CO, RH, skull#, skeletal#, rib#, PTS = −4, PPP, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP (Mon), GCS = 3, Sz, NS (SD drain), impact ± WSIS18Blind, sensorineural deafness, truncal hypotonia, symptomatic partial epilepsy272222224Severe
28Microcephaly, cortical blindness, sensorineural deafness, spinocerebellar ataxia, symptomatic partial epilepsy26191515Self-injurious injury (head banging, eye poking); self-stimulation4Severe
8AI = 1, male, SDH, SCWT, CO, bruising, GCS = 5, PTS = 3 PPP, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP (Mon), Sz, NS (SD drain), impact ± WSIS, perp (F) convicted8Microcephaly, truncal hypotonia505050753Moderate
12Microcephaly, high arched palate, cerebellar ataxia505050753Moderate
20Microcephaly, high arched palate, ataxic diplegia45757575Sleep disturbance3Moderate
9AI = 2, male, SDH, RH, GCS = 13, PTS = 8, Sz, SIS, perp (F) convicted37Dyspraxic dysarthria9789671002Good
44Dyspraxic dysarthria95828284Hyperactive, impulsive, rage reactions2Good
10AI = 1, female, SDH, RH, GCS = 13, PTS = 9 Sz, WSIS, perp (F) convicted/confession4Normal100100100100Normal1Good
11AI = 1.5, female, SDH, CO, RH, bruising, rib#, skeletal#, PTS = 0, apnea, PPP, ventilated, increased ICP (Mon), NS (SD drain), Sz, impact + WSIS, perp (F) convicted16Microcephaly, truncal hypotonia, left hemiparesis, possible diplegia5281811003Severe
26Microcephaly Ataxic diplegia Left hemiparesis Dysarthria46695869Temper tantrums4Severe
12AI = 1, male, SDH, CO, CC, bruising, PTS = 3, PPP, Sz, compression injury, perp (F)24Spinocerebellar ataxia, bilateral 8th50636375Mild temper tantrums3Severe
36Spinocerebellar ataxia, bilateral 8th50505067Severe temper tantrums, impulsive, self-injurious behavior, poor sleep pattern4Severe
13AI = 4, male, premature 29/40, SDH, R#, GCS = 14, PTS = 8 increased ICP (Mon), NS (SD drain), WSIS, perp (F)37Normal9797100100Normal1Good
14AI = 3, male, SDH, RH, inconsistent history, rib#, skeletal#, skull#, PTS = 0, Sz, ventilated, PPP, increased ICP, NS (SD drain), impact ± WSIS39Microcephaly, heterotropia100100107100Normal1Good
15AI = 2, female, SDH, bruising, PTS = 7, Sz, perp (F), impact + WSIS60Microcephaly, left homonymous hemianopia, left CN 3rd, left esotropia, left lower limb monoplegia, severe expressive dysphasia, good nonverbal communication, intractable epilepsy60804030Marked hyperactivity, severe concentration difficulty, impulsivity, disruptive behavior4Severe
16AI = 3, male, SDH, RH, MI, skull#, R#, S#, PTS = 1, apnea, ventilated, increased ICP (Mon), Sz, NS (SD drain) impact ± WSIS, perp (F)78Macrocephaly, mild optic atrophy, decreased visual acuity, visual sensory inattention, heterotropia, mild cerebellar ataxia, dyspraxia, 12th CN abnormality76769290Impulsive, loses temper easily, moderate verbal and numeric memory difficulties2Good
17AI = 22, female, SDH, RH, bruising, GCS = 11, PTS = 9, Sz, Coag, impact + WSIS80Macrocephaly, normal, heterotropia9090100100Normal (initially fearful of men)1Good
18AI = 19, male, SDH, RH, MI, bruising, skeletal#, PTS = 7, increased ICP, Sz, impact ± WSIS78Macrocephaly, normal9292100100Normal1Good
19AI = 2, female, SDH, ICH, CC, RH, bruising, skeletal#, apnea, PTS = 5, increased ICP, Sz, perp (F), SIS128Right hemiparesis63637689Normal behavior, special educational support in mainstream3Moderate
20AI = 6, male, SDH, RH, Sz PTS = 052Microcephaly, cortical blindness, severe language impairment, spinocerebellar ataxia, lower limb monoplegia, epilepsy31232727Autistic features, self-injurious behaviors, ritualistic behaviors, hyperkinetic, rage reactions, sleep disturbance4Severe
21AI = 1, male, SDH different ages, PTS = 7, Sz, SIS252Macrocephaly, spastic tetraplegia, pseudobulbar palsy, cortical blindness, intractable epilepsy4444Total dependence, no active rolling, 24-h care4Severe
22AI = 7, female, SDH, RH, Sz, PTS = 096Ataxic diplegia, left hemiparesis, pseudobulbar palsy, UMN 7th CN, visual impairment, intractable epilepsy10382525Severe speech and language delay, poor attention span, placid, sleep disturbance4Severe
23AI = 3, male, SDH, RH, skull#, PTS = 5, Sz, increased ICP (Mon), NS (SD drain), impact ± WSIS71Spastic diplegia with mild bilateral upper limb involvement and dystonia, pseudobulbar palsy, dysarthria, mild visual impairment17687176Temper tantrums, impulsivity, poor attention span4Severe
24AI = 2, male, SDH, rib#, skeletal#, bruising, GCS = 13, PTS = 5, increased ICP, WSIS, normal59Macrocephaly115115110110Normal, comparable with twin1Good
25AI = 3, female, SDH, skull#, PTS = 9, impact ± WSIS146Normal100100100100Sexual behavioral problems, multiple foster homes1Good
  • Prospective cohort: patients 1 to 12; cross-sectional cohort: patients 13 to 25. AI indicates age at admission (mo); SAH, subarachnoid hemorrhage; SDH, subdural hemorrhage; CO, cerebral edema; Sz, seizure; RH, retinal hemorrhages; PPP, decreased peripheral perfusion; Perp, perpetrator; F, father; BF, boyfriend; BP, blood pressure; ICP, intracranial pressure; (Mon), monitored; SIS, shaken infant syndrome; SD drain, subdural drain; NS, neurosurgery; ICH, intracerebral hemorrhage; #, fracture; WSIS, whiplash-shaking injury; Coag, coagulopathy; UMN, upper motor neuron; CN, cranial nerve.