Table 2.

Within-subject Correlation Coefficients for Associations Between Afternoon Energy Intake and Hormonal and Metabolic Parameters

High-, Medium-, and Low-GI Meals Combined
 Area under glycemic response curve+0.731<.001
 Plasma glucose nadir−0.563.004
 Serum fatty acids (2.5–4.5 h)−0.600.01
 Area under insulin response curve+0.645.001
 Peak insulin concentration+0.515.01
High- and Medium-GI Meals Only (Containing Identical Foods)
 Area under glycemic response curve+0.748.003
 Blood glucose nadir−0.692.009
 Serum fatty acids (2.5–4.5 h)−0.682.02
 Area under insulin response curve+0.656.02
 Peak insulin concentration+0.460.11