General Pediatrician Current Supply, Projected Supply, and Requirements

SupplyDateChildren per General Pediatrician*General Pediatricians per 100 000 Children*No. of General Pediatricians
    Shipman et al141
        Population age <18 y200018865338 457
        Population age <20 y200020414938 457
    Kletke et al175 (estimated)200041 600
    Shipman et al141
        Population age < 18 y201013907252 169
        Population age < 20 y201015556452 169
        Population age < 18 y202012937762 900
        Population age < 20 y202013627362 900
    Kletke et al175 (ratios assume age <18 y)201014087151 500
Estimated Requirements
    Abt Associates and the Bureau of Health Professions1761991243041NA
    AAP PROS Network1661996140071NA
    Managed care staffing
    Group Health Association of America178 (age not stated)1993222245NA
    New England IPA (0–17 y)130077NA
    33 HMOs (0–14 y)1992115786NA
    Group-model HMO 1 (age not stated)112589NA
    Group-model HMO 2 (age not stated)175057NA
    Group-model HMO 3 (age not stated)120083NA
FOPE II “ideal”107
  • PROS indicates Pediatric Research in Office Settings; IPA, independent practice association; NA, not applicable.

  • * Assumes middle-US estimates.

  • These practice-based measures need to be viewed cautiously. They assume that all children are cared for exclusively by pediatric practices and that most have employer-based insurance.