Characteristics of Allopathic Pediatricians (General Pediatrics, Pediatric Cardiology, and Pediatric Allergy Included): 1989 and 1999

Pediatrician Characteristic19891999Percent Change 1989–1999
Net income$93 000$126 00035.5
    Adjusted for inflation*$93 7500.8
Professional activities
    Weeks of practice per year47.447.60.4
    Hours of professional activities per week58.054.5−6.0
    Hours of patient care per week53.449.5−7.3
    Office hours per week31.829.8−6.3
    Office visits per week101.895.0−6.7
Revenue sources
    Private insurance65%
Time spent in primary care activities95%
Wait for new patient appointment2 days
Employment type
    Self-employed solo19.2%
    Self-employed group27.5%
    Independent contractor2.1%
  • Physicians working <20 hours/week in patient care are excluded. Mean values are presented unless otherwise specified. — indicates that data were not available.

  • * Information was obtained from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (

  • Source: AMA Socioeconomic Monitoring System.136,137