Demographic Characteristics of Respondents Included in the Analysis

Included in the Analysis (n = 646)
Age, y, mean (SD)42 (10)
Male, %42
Practice setting, %
    Medical school or university11
    Nongovernment hospital9
    Solo practice8
    Non-solo pediatric practice43
    Multispecialty practice12
    Staff-model health maintenance organization3
    Public health/community clinic4
    City/state/county hospital4
    US government hospital3
Community setting, %
    Urban, inner city21
    Urban, non-inner city27
Time of direct patient care, h/wk, mean (SD)40 (19)
Time in general pediatrics, %, mean (SD)88 (25)
No. of respondents spending ≥10% of their time in general pediatrics (%)646 (100)
No. of respondents practicing in a specialty area apart from general pediatrics (%)170 (26)
No. of respondents practicing in developmental or behavioral pediatrics, neurodevelopment/disabilities, neonatology/perinatology, genetics, or neurology (%)0 (0)
Patients 0–35 mo of age, %, mean (SD)50 (17)
Patients on Medicaid, %, mean (SD)35 (31)
Patients in managed care, %, mean (SD)58 (30)