ILI AND P&I Definitions

ILI DefinitionP&I DefinitionCode Description
078.89Other specified diseases attributable to viruses
079.99Viral infection, NOS
460Acute nasopharyngitis
462Acute pharyngitis, NOS
463Acute tonsillitis
464.0Acute laryngitis, without obstruction
464.10Tracheitis without obstruction
464.11Acute tracheitis with obstruction
464.20Laryngotracheitis without obstruction
464.21Laryngotracheitis with obstruction
465.0Acute laryngopharyngitis
465.8URI, other multiple sites
465.9Acute URI, NOS
466.0Acute bronchitis
466.1Acute bronchiolitis
480.8*Viral pneumonia, NEC
480.9*Viral pneumonia
481.0*Pneumococcal pneumonia
482.2*Pneumonia attributable to Hemophilus influenzae
485*Bronchopneumonia organism
486*Pneumonia, organism NOS
487.0*Influenza with pneumonia
487.1*Influenza with other respiratory manifestations
487.8*Influenza with other manifestations
490Bronchitis, NOS
780.31Febrile convulsions
493, in combination with fever, ICD-9 code 780.6, or temperature of ≤100.4°C at visitAsthma (frequency with fever)
786.07, 786.1, 786.2, in combination with fever, ICD-9 code 780.6, or temperature of ≤100.4°C at visitWheezing, stridor, cough (frequency with fever)
  • NOS indicates not otherwise specified; NEC, not elsewhere classified; URI, upper respiratory infection.

  • * Included in the P&I definition.