Trends in Pediatric Morbidity

Classical pediatric morbidity (1900s–1950s)
    Infectious diseases
    High infant mortality rates
    Poor nutrition
    Few cures for chronic disease
    Epidemics (eg, influenza, polio)
    Diseases of overcrowding
The new morbidity (1960s–1980s)
    Family dysfunction
    Learning disabilities
    Emotional disorder
    Functional distress
    Educational needs
Beyond the new morbidity (1980s–2000s)
    Social disarray
    Political ennui
    New epidemics (eg, violence, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, crack cocaine, homelessness)
    Increased survivorship
    High-technology care
Millennial morbidity (2000–present): disorders of the bioenvironmental interface
    Socioeconomic influences on health, including poverty
    Health disparities
    Technological influences on health
    Overweight and obesity
    Increasing mental health concerns