Table 3.

Response to Individual Risk Questions

Risk Questions
 High-risk ZIP code; n = 282
 Low-risk ZIP code; n = 456
Response, %P
YesNoDon't Know
or Missing
Listed home age before 1950
  Low-risk ZIP code18%72%10%<.001
  High-risk ZIP code16%46%38%
Ever lived in or regularly visited a building built before 1960?
  Low-risk ZIP code44%48%8%<.001
  High-risk ZIP code40%35%25%
Recent renovation or remodeling of building built before 1960?
  Low-risk ZIP code24%71%5%<.001
  High-risk ZIP code24%63%13%
Adult with job or hobby that involves exposure to lead?
  Low-risk ZIP code18%80%2%<.05
  High-risk ZIP code15%81%4%
Child given home remedies?
  Low-risk ZIP code1%96%3%NS
  High-risk ZIP code0%97%3%
Child ever been in Mexico, Central America, or South America?
  Low-risk ZIP code2%98%0%NS
  High-risk ZIP code1%98%1%
Use imported ceramic dishes or pottery?
  Low-risk ZIP code5%83%12%<.05
  High-risk ZIP code8%86%6%
Live near lead industry?
  Low-risk ZIP code2%95%3%NS
  High-risk ZIP code2%94%4%
Peeling or chipping paint in building built before 1960?
  Low-risk ZIP code10%84%6%<.001
  High-risk ZIP code18%69%13%