Proportion of Congenitally Infected Children Who Were Born to Mothers From Different Regions of Origin

Mother OriginCongenital Infection in Family, n/N (%)P*Infected Children, n/N (%)
Bolivia6/18 (33)0.0458/80 (10)
Chaco13/26 (50)0.2727/129 (21)
Low-endemicity areas12/18 (66)28/67 (42)
Total63/276 (22)
  • The lower rate of congenital transmission in high-endemicity as compared with low-endemicity areas is apparent in both families (second column) and individual children (fourth column). However, statistics are applied to families and not to individual children, because “within-family” measurements strongly depend on each other.

  • * P value as compared with low-endemicity areas; calculated by χ2 test.