Description of the Sample (N = 288)

Characteristics of the children
 Mean age in y (SD)4.2 (0.7)N/A
  African American26491.7
  White (non-Hispanic)93.1
 Health insurance
  Medical assistance27093.6
  Private insurance62.1
  Don’t know20.7
 Uncontrolled asthma17560.8
Characteristics of the caregivers
 Mean age in y (SD)31.7 (8.3)N/A
 Relationship to child
  Birth mother24685.4
  Birth father196.6
  Legal guardian82.8
  Less than ninth grade5117.7
  Some high school5719.8
  High school graduate or GED8228.5
  Some college or trade school6321.9
  4-y college graduate3211.1
  • There are 6 missing values for insurance and 3 missing values for education. GED, general equivalency diploma; N/A, not applicable.