Annual Changes in the Proportion of Poor and Near-Poor Children Who Were 19 to 35 Months Old and Up to Date for the Varicella Vaccine According to the Timing of SCHIP Implementation

Years SCHIP StartedAnnual Changes in Varicella Immunization Rates
1. 1997–19980.21790.13690.10470.07590.0342
2. 1999 or later0.19200.15710.11160.08970.0273
Row 1 − 20.0259−0.0202−0.0069−0.01370.0069
  • Figures in each row are the annual change in varicella coverage rates among poor and near-poor children. Row 1 pertains only to children in states in which the SCHIP program began in 1997 or 1998. Row 2 is for children in states in which SCHIP began after 1998.