Nonsignificant Differences in Sleep Characteristics Between Swaddled and Nonswaddled Conditions

Sleep characteristics
    Recording time, min83 (53–120)86 (59–128)NS
    Sleep time, min83 (53–119)70 (54–127)NS
    REM sleep, %41.4 (24.4–60.6)45.6 (35.5–72.8)NS
    REM sleep epochs
        Frequency, no.2 (1–3)2 (1–3)NS
        Duration, s22 (12–41)21 (11–53)NS
    Body movement, %3.4 (0–10.9)5.5 (0–11.9)NS
Cortical arousals
    Frequency, no. per h of sleep
        REM sleep40.8 (11.6–85)45.1 (12–90)NS
        NREM sleep4.3 (0–19.1)4.6 (0–21.8)NS
    Duration, s
        REM sleep10.6 (6.7–18.9)10.7 (5.7–33.5)NS
        NREM sleep13.1 (6.1–21.2)9.9 (5.8–42.4)NS
Subcortical activations
    Frequency, no. per h of sleep
        REM sleep1.9 (0–10.4)3.3 (0–11.1)NS
        NREM sleep10 (0–20)8.6 (0–13.3)NS
    Duration, s
        REM sleep7.6 (5.1–10.75)6.8 (4.5–14)NS
        NREM sleep10.5 (3.5–14.6)9.1 (4.5–11)NS
Intervals between arousals, s
    Total sleep time71 (30–213)75 (49–269)NS
    REM sleep66 (29–145)58 (36–82)NS
    NREM sleep214 (62–430)264 (35–570)NS
  • The values represent median (range). NS indicates not significant.