Indications for RBC Transfusions During the 14-Day Study Period

Hematocrit, %*Clinical Conditions and Circumstances
<40Ventilation with ≥40% oxygen, sepsis, or necrotizing enterocolitis
<35Ventilation with <40% oxygen or NCPAP or hood treatment with ≥40% supplemental oxygen
<30Receiving NCPAP or hood oxygen supplementation of >25% but <40% or receiving 100% oxygen via nasal cannula at a flow rate of ≥0.25 L/min
<30Major surgical procedures while not receiving respiratory support (with or without supplemental oxygen)
  • * If not previously ordered because of clinical indications, hematocrit measurements were performed on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. To warrant administration of a RBC transfusion, 2 hematocrit determinations performed within 24 hours of one another below the hematocrit levels indicated were required. NCPAP indicates nasal continuous positive airway pressure.