Rate of B pertussis Infection in Adolescents and Adults

SourceLocationYearsAnnual Rate, %
Deville et al32Los Angeles, CA1984–19898
Cromer et al33Columbus, OH1985–1990∼1
Hodder et al34Cleveland, OH1989–19923
Wright et al20Nashville, TN1992–19942.2
Ward et al*8 US cities1997–19991.3
  • Infections were determined by the demonstration of a significant serum antibody-titer rise to PT in successive serum samples.

  • * J.I. Ward, MD, J.D.C., S.J. Chang, MS, S. Partridge, MBA, W. Keitel, MD, K. Edwards, MD, M. Lee, PhD, J. Treanor, MD, D.P. Greenberg, MD, S. Barenkamp, MD, D. Bernstein, MD, R. Edelman, MD, R. Rabinovich, PhD, on behalf of the APERT study group, unpublished data, March 2005.