Association of Age, Menarcheal Status, and Type of Impact Activity With a History of Stress Fracture Among the Girls in GUTS

OR, Adjusted for Age (95% CI)OR, Adjusted for All Covariates in Model (95% CI)
Age1.29 (1.14–1.47)
Postmenarcheal in 19980.61 (0.40–0.95)0.61 (0.39–0.93)
Nonimpact activity, h/wk1.03 (0.98–1.08)1.03 (0.98–1.08)
Medium-impact activity, h/wk1.00 (0.93–1.09)1.00 (0.92–1.08)
High-impact activity, h/wk*1.06 (1.02–1.10)1.06 (1.03–1.10)
  • There were 146 cases among 5206 girls with complete data. The ORs were from a generalized estimating equation model that adjusted for the covariates listed in the table. Information on correlates came from the 1998 GUTS questionnaire.

  • * Sum of basketball, running, soccer, tennis, cheerleading, and volleyball.