Infection Control Policies and Practices and the Associated Odds of Hospital-Associated Respiratory and Gastrointestinal Infections

Respiratory InfectionsGastrointestinal Infections
OR95% CIP ValueOR95% CIP Value
Hospital information
    No. of ICPs per 100 beds*0.890.53–1.48.650.960.44–2.12.92
    Full-time equivalent of physician support0.820.54–1.24.351.520.87–2.66.14
Viral testing and cohort assignment
    Viral testing (respiratory and gastrointestinal)1.090.81–1.47.570.920.62–1.36.67
    Cohort assignment (respiratory and gastrointestinal)0.920.72–1.16.470.870.66–1.16.35
Visitor screening policies
    Screening of children only1.020.76–1.37.891.200.95–1.52.13
    Screening of all visitors0.900.56–1.46.670.930.62–1.39.72
Hand hygiene policies
    Hand hygiene monitoring0.890.67–1.19.430.900.63–1.28.55
    Administrative resources0.880.69–1.12.310.840.60–1.17.31
    Communication resources0.920.73–1.17.510.990.75–1.30.95
Alcohol hand gel
    Multiple locations0.910.72–1.16.460.860.64–1.16.31
    Present for entire study0.900.70–1.14.380.660.49–0.88.005
  • Each predictor of interest was examined individually in a model adjusting for covariates. ORs were adjusted for covariates in Table 1 but not for the other survey variables. ICP indicates infection control practitioner.

  • * OR for each 1.0 increase in infection control practitioners per 100 beds.

  • OR for each 0.1 increase in full-time equivalent of physician support.