Reactogenicity of TIV in 6- to 23-Month-Old Children During the First 3 Days After TIV in Children 6 to 24 Months of Age

Early GroupCombined Standard GroupsOverall
First dose of TIV
    Evaluable/total108/114 (94.7%)135/145 (93.1%)247/259 (95.4%)
    Mild fever, 37.5–38°C (axillary)6%4.4%5.1%
    Moderate fever, >38°C (axillary)8%6.7%7.2%
    Any pain13%10.8%11.7%
    Any redness22.2%23.0%22.7%
    Any swelling14.8%12.2%13.3%
    Irritable, moderate and severe14.9%14.4%14.6%
Second dose of TIV
    Evaluable/total101/108 (93.5%)135/142 (95.1%)236/250 (94.4%)
    Mild fever, 37.5–38°C (axillary)2%5.4%4%
    Moderate fever, >38°C (axillary)2%4.7%3.5%
    Any pain12.8%9.6%11.0%
    Any redness13.9%22.9%19.1%
    Any swelling5%9.6%7.6%
    Irritable, moderate and severe15.8%14.9%15.4%
Third dose TIV:
    Evaluable/total95/102 (93%)
    Mild fever, 37.5–38°C (axillary)4.3%
    Moderate fever, >38°C (axillary)5.3%
    Any pain8.5%
    Any redness16.8%
    Any swelling7.4%
    Irritable, moderate and severe11.6%
  • — indicates that no child in this group received the third dose of TIV.