Adolescents' Perceived Peer Engagement in Vaginal Versus Oral Sex

Out of 100 Teens Your Age, How Many . . .Vaginal Sex, Mean (SD)Oral Sex, Mean (SD)F ValueP Value
Have had (vaginal/oral) sex?40.87 (25.22)46.72 (25.13)49.39.000
Will choose not to have (vaginal/oral) sex in the next 6 mo?44.81 (26.01)41.65 (25.45)13.27.000
Will have (vaginal/oral) sex in the next 6 mo?34.27 (23.79)39.02 (24.37)65.52.000
Will wait to have (vaginal/oral) sex until they are married?31.29 (24.66)26.80 (24.44)33.08.000