Mean VIQ, PIQ, and FSIQ Scores Measured With the WPPSI-R and Mean MCSA Motor Scale Index, According to Conception Group

ICSIIVFNCStatistical Analysis*
VIQ (n = 1368)108.7513.77108.4612.74109.4413.42P < .05
PIQ (n = 1367)106.9614.17106.0614.32106.4113.05NS
FSIQ (n = 1368)109.1113.89108.3613.37109.2513.33P < .05
Motor Scale Index (n = 1340)52.849.7752.338.8853.419.11NS
  • * Three-way analysis of variance (conception mode × country × gender and conception mode × educational level × age of the mother at the time of the birth). NS indicates nonsignificant (P > .05).

  • Significant conception mode-age of the mother at the time of the birth interaction effect.