Tobacco Control Service Delivery to Smokers Who Accompanied a Child to a Health Care Setting

Ask, Advise, Assist, Arrange for Smokers (N = 143)Valid, %*
Asked if anyone in the house smokes51.2
Asked if smoking is allowed in the house43.1
Asked if smoking is allowed in the family vehicle34.8
Discussed the dangers of secondhand smoke24.0
Discussed the increased risk that children of smokers will become smokers29.0
Advised you to quit smoking38.3
Recommended medication to help you quit smoking15.0
Actually prescribed medication to help you quit smoking7.1
Did you actually pick up this medication?6.5
Refer you for any additional services related to your smoking3.0
Actually enroll you in any of these services1.2
  • Group includes all smokers who accompanied a child to a child health care setting in the past year.

  • * Percentages of questions in this question set answered by the 143 parents ranged from 98% to 100%.