Table 1.

Behavior Scales Derived From the CBCL

Cronbach's α = 0.76Cronbach's α = 0.75Cronbach's α = 0.84
Cries a lotActs too young for ageArgues a lot
Feels worthless or inferiorCannot concentrate, cannot pay attention for longDemands a lot of attention
Likes to be aloneCannot get mind off certain thoughtsDestroys own things
Too fearful or anxiousCannot sit still, restless or hyperactiveDestroys things belonging to others
Nervous, highly strung or tenseClings to adults or too dependentDisobedient at home
Feels too guiltyDaydreams or gets lost in thoughtsGets into many fights
Refuses to talkDoes not get along with other childrenLying or being dishonest
Sulks a lotNot liked by other childrenScreams a lot
Withdrawn; does not get involved
Poorly coordinated or clumsySudden changes in mood or feeling
 with othersRepeats certain acts; has compulsionsStubborn, sullen, or irritable
WorryingTemper tantrums or hot temper