Table 2.

Characteristics of Children With Existing Special Health Care Needs: United States, 1994

All ChildrenChildren With Special
Health Care Needs
Children Without Special
Health Care Needs
Health Status
 Average annual bed days due to illness2.86.12.0
 Average annual school absences due to illness3.67.42.8
Access to Care*
 Percent with health insurance86.888.886.4
 Percent with a usual source of care93.494.493.2
 Percent not satisfied with their usual source of care14.717.913.6
 Percent with one or more unmet health needs7.612.96.4
Use of Health Services
 Average annual physician contacts3.36.42.6
 Percent hospitalized in past year3.17.42.2
 Average annual hospital days per 1000 children225.0691.0122.0
  • * Excludes unknown health insurance and usual sources of care.

    Source: Authors' tabulations of the 1994 National Health Interview Survey on Disability.