Table 2.

Effect of Zinc Supplementation on Incidence and Prevalence of ALRI

OutcomeZinc GroupControl GroupEffect of Zinc on ALRI
Odds Ratio95% CIP Value
ALRI Incidence24  (1.47) 44  (2.65)
 Uncorrected for correlation of data0.550.33 –0.91.018
 Corrected for correlation by GEE* 0.550.33 –0.90.02
ALRI Prevalence155  (0.34) 264  (0.58)
 Uncorrected for correlation of data0.600.49 –0.73<.0001
 Corrected for correlation by GEE* 0.590.35 –1.00.054
  • Abbreviations: ALRI, acute lower respiratory infection, GEE, generalized estimating equations.

  • * Results presented are from the logistic regression analysis using robust estimates with GEEs.

  • Number (percentage of child-periods) with ALRI.

  • Number (percentage of days of observation) with ALRI.