Heritability of PROP Sensitivity, Sucrose Preference, and Composition of Preferred Cereal

TraitCovariatesNH2SEP Value
PROP sensitivityNone2500.550.15<.001*
Age, gender, race/ethnicity2500.560.15<.001*
Sucrose preferenceNone2470.040.15.39
Age,* gender, race/ethnicity2470.140.16.19
Cereal (sugars)None2340.160.18.19
Age,* gender, race/ethnicity*2340.370.19.03
Cereal sodiumNone2330.160.18.19
Age, gender, race/ethnicity2330.150.19.21
Cereal kcalNone2330.00NA.50
Age, gender, race/ethnicity2330.00NA.50
  • H2 indicates proportion of genetic variance; NA, not applicable.

  • * P < .001.

  • P < .05.