Rotated Component Factors of All Items From the MM-RAP With the Five Components

Factors Scores
I Nonpain Symptoms (I)*II Pain IntensityIII Pain DisabilityIV SatisfactionV Nonpain Symptoms (II)
Pain disability
    Missed school days0.120.120.510.06−0.04
    Daily activities0.100.360.700.26−0.14
    Weekend activities0.040.400.680.25−0.13
Pain intensity
    Wong-Baker face0.120.620.220.120.06
    Worst pain in 3 mo0.210.730.180.35−0.01
    Average pain in 3 mo0.170.710.120.350.08
Nonpain symptoms
    Loss of appetite0.260.050.640.110.20
    Constipation/hard stool0.300.400.01−0.230.47
    Bloating/abdominal distention0.570.
    Passing gas0.510.62−
    Problem with ingestion of milk0.60−0.160.330.040.11
    Sleep problem0.030.590.27−0.090.12
    Bad breath0.740.280.13−0.080.08
    Sour taste0.500.
Level of satisfaction
    How satisfied with RAP0.
    How pleased with RAP0.
  • Boldface items will be retained in the revised scale for RAP. The Cronbach's α of revised components identified by the factor analysis:

  • Component 1, nonpain I = 0.81

  • Component 2, pain intensity = 0 63

  • Component 3, disability = 0.75

  • Component 4, satisfaction = 0.80

  • Component 5, nonpain II = 0.80

  • * Burping, problem with ingestion of milk, passing gas, bloating, heartburn, bad breath.

  • Nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, constipation/hard stool.