Table 3.

Multiple Logistic Regression Analyses of Health Risk Behaviors Associated With Gay, Lesbian, or Bisexual Orientation Among 9th- to 12th-Grade Students

Model I, Onset Before age 13
 Cocaine use6.102.45, 15.20
 Sexual intercourse2.151.06, 4.38
 Marijuana use1.981.04, 4.09
 Alcohol use1.821.03, 3.23
Model II, Lifetime Frequencies
 Crack cocaine or freebase1.381.06, 1.79
 Used inhalants1.301.05, 1.61
 Number of sexual partners1.271.06, 1.43
Model III, Frequency of Recent Behaviors
 Number of sexual partners (30 months)1.471.31, 1.65
 Smokeless tobacco use (30 days)1.381.20, 1.59
Model IV, Frequency of Behaviors at School
 Smokeless tobacco use1.531.30, 1.81
 Marijuana use1.291.05, 1.59
 Property stolen or damaged1.231.08, 1.40
  • * All models initially included gender and minority race/ethnicity. These variables were not significant (P> .05) in any model.