Table 2.

Associations Between Health Risk Behaviors and Self-report of GLB Orientation

FrequencyGLB %non-GLB %CC or PhiP
Weapon carrying (30 days)46.319.8.12.00001
Gun carrying (30 days)
Weapon carrying at school (30 days)
Missed school because of fear (30 days)
Threatened with weapon at school (30 days)
Property damaged at school (12 months)50.528.7.15.00001
Fighting (12 months)
Fighting requiring medical treatment (12 months)
Fighting at school (12 months)
Suicide attempts (12 months)
Smoked cigarette (<age 13)47.923.4.10.00001
Smoked cigarettes (30 days)59.335.2.11.00001
Smoked at school (30 days)37.418.4.09.00001
Smokeless tobacco use (30 days)
Smokeless tobacco use at school (30 days)
Alcohol use (<age 13)
Alcohol use (life)86.879.0.08.00035
Alcohol use (30 days)89.452.8.17.00001
Binge drinking (30 days)
Alcohol use at school (30 days)
Marijuana use (<age 13)
Marijuana use (life)68.547.4.11.00001
Marijuana use (30 days)53.731.4.13.00001
Marijuana use at school (30 days)31.610.7.17.00001
Cocaine use (<age 13)
Cocaine use (life)
Cocaine use (30 days)
Crack or freebase use (life)
Inhalant use (life)47.618.5.15.00001
Anabolic steroids use (life)
Other illegal drug use (life)48.516.3.17.00001
Injection drug use (life)
Shared needles (life)
Offered drugs at school (12 mos)
Ever had sexual intercourse81.744.1.10.00001
Sexual intercourse (<age 13)
Three or more sexual partners (life)55.419.2.15.00001
Three or more sexual partners (3 months)
Alcohol or drug use at last sexual episode34.713.3.08.00001
Sexual contact against will32.
  • * Variables are presented as dichotomous variables for simplicity, but were analyzed as ordinal variables.