Clinical Characteristics of 51 Patients With SAB

Patients With Bacteremia (n = 41)Patients With Definite or Possible Endocarditis (n = 10)P Value
Male gender21 (51%)5 (50%)NS
Black24 (59%)6 (60%)NS
White15 (37%)4 (40%)NS
Age range, median1 wk-16 y (15 mo)3 wk-13.5 y (13 wk)NS
Congenital heart disease8 (20%)9 (90%).02
    Patent ductus arteriosus60
    Ventricular septal defect11
    Atrioventricular canal03
    Tetralogy of Fallot10
    Transposition of the great arteries02
    Hypoplastic left heart syndrome03
    Cleft mitral valve01
Prematurity13 (32%)3 (30%)NS
Systemic disease*10 (25%)0NS
Intravascular catheter30 (73%)7 (70%)NS
Hospital-acquired infection23 (56%)9 (90%)NS
Infection with methicillin-resistant S aureus14 (34%)2 (20%)NS
  • NS indicates not significant.

  • * Systemic diseases included leukemia (3), immunodeficiency (2), end-stage renal disease (1), post–small bowel transplant (1), post–liver transplant (1), glycogen-storage disease (1), and epidermolysis bullosa (1).