The Modified Duke Criteria

Definite IE
    Pathologic criteria
        (1) Microorganisms demonstrated by culture or histologic examination of a vegetation, a vegetation that has embolized, or an intracardiac abscess specimen; or
        (2) Pathologic lesions, vegetation, or intracardiac abscess confirmed by histologic examination showing active endocarditis
Clinical criteria
    (1) 2 major criteria;
    (2) 1 major criterion and 3 minor criteria; or
    (3) 5 minor criteria
Possible IE
    (1) 1 major criterion and 1 minor criterion; or
    (2) 3 minor criteria
    (1) Firm alternate diagnosis explaining evidence of IE;
    (2) Resolution of IE syndrome with antibiotic therapy for ≤4 days;
    (3) No pathologic evidence of IE at surgery or autopsy with antibiotic therapy for ≤4 days; or
    (4) Does not meet criteria for possible IE, as described above