Logistic Regression Predicting Past-Year NPOU

NPOU OR (95% CI)
 Age0.99 (0.90–1.09)
 Female0.90 (0.63–1.28)
 White vs African American1.18 (0.73–1.92)
 White vs other race0.73 (0.43–1.24)
 Public assistance (parent or self)1.60 (1.11–2.32)
 Failing grades or dropped out of school2.26 (1.42–3.61)
Risk factors (past year)
 Dating violence1.47 (1.00–2.17)
 Alcohol misuse2.36 (1.59–3.50)
 Drinking and driving or riding with a drinking driver2.40 (1.65–3.48)
 Marijuana use1.92 (1.31–2.83)
 Nonprescription cough or cold medicine misuse3.50 (2.43–5.02)
Chart review from index ED visit
 ED presentation for injury0.73 (0.50–1.07)
 Previous ED visit in past 12 mo1.35 (0.94–1.94)
 Received intravenous opioid in the ED2.44 (1.64–3.63)
  • CI, confidence interval; OR, odds ratio.