Comparison of Potential Screening Criteria at Admission for Acute Bacterial Meningitis

Screening CriteriaNo. With CriteriaNo. With MeningitisSensitivity, %Specificity, %PPV, %NPV, %NNLP/T
A. Bulging fontanel or neck stiffness9037419841992
B. Cyanosis or any of the above12039439733993
C. Seizures outside 6 mo to 6 y or any of the above24854599422995
D. Partial seizures or any of the above52465718812998
E. Impaired consciousness or any of the above8957279808.09812
F. Fever without malaria parasitemia or any of the above25208897443.59829
G. IMCI referral criteria: neck stiffness, lethargy, impaired consciousness, or seizures18527785594.29824
  • PPV indicates positive predictive value; NPV, negative predictive value; NNLP/T, number needed to LP or treat to identify 1 meningitis case.