Table 4.

Adjusted ORs and 95% CIs (in Parentheses) for Risk Factors for Undervaccination at Age 2 Years, Adjusted for Mother's Age, Race, and Education*

Risk FactorBaseline Cohort (n = 399)Reinterviewed Cohort (n = 269)
Living in poverty2.62  (1.44,4.75)1.57  (0.74,3.36)
Poverty status missing3.52  (1.44,8.64)2.12  (0.67,6.72)
Multiparous2.10  (1.26,3.52)2.00  (1.02,3.98)
Not adequate prenatal care1.78  (1.12,2.84)1.70  (0.92,3.13)
Not coresident with grandmother1.75  (1.01,3.03)2.30  (1.15,4.63)
Unmarried1.74  (1.05,2.90)1.66  (0.82,3.36)
Less perceived control2.01  (1.03,3.94)
More perceived benefit of medical care1.76  (1.25,2.48)
Less satisfaction with health care1.63  (1.01,2.61)
Nonprivate source of routine care2.75  (0.99,7.64)
Not examined by same physician1.47  (0.79,2.73)
  • * The ORs for satisfaction with care, perceived benefit for disease, and perceived control are for each point of the scale. Thus, each point lower on satisfaction with care is associated with 1.63 greater odds of not being up to date, for each point lower on perceived control, 2 times greater odds, and for each point higher on perceived benefit to prevent disease, 1.76 times greater odds.