Table 4.

Comparison of Offspring BMI z Score and Obesity Rates by Quartile of Metabolic Measures From Pregnancy and by Parental Obesity*

Mean BMI Score zNo. Obese/No. Studied% ObeseP Value (Adjusted
Maternal glucose
 1st Quartile0.4227 /12921.05  (.54)
 2nd Quartile0.4835 /12827
 3rd Quartile0.3219 /12715
 4th Quartile0.2621 /13516
Maternal OGTT
 1st Quartile0.094 /538.22  (.30)
 2nd Quartile0.3811 /5420
 3rd Quartile0.267 /5313
 4th Quartile0.3410 /5419
Cord serum insulin
 1st Quartile0.4117 /8620.65  (.49)
 2nd Quartile0.3312 /7815
 3rd Quartile0.2516 /8918
 4th Quartile0.3116 /9816
Maternal triglyceride
 1st Quartile0.3420 /12916.12  (.16)
 2nd Quartile0.3320 /12816
 3rd Quartile0.3429 /12823
 4th Quartile0.4833 /13225
  • * Analysis excludes offspring of five insulin-treated mothers with GDM.

  • P values are from likelihood ratio tests for importance of the entire set of quartile indicator variables.

  • Adjusted P values for associations with metabolic measures are calculated using logistic regression models controlling for maternal and paternal obesity.