Table 2.

Comparison of Offspring BMI z Scores and Obesity Rates at Age 5 to 10 Years by Maternal GDM Screening Group and Parent Obesity Status

Mean BMI z
No. Obese/No.
% ObeseGroup
P Value*
(Adjusted P Value)
GDM screening group
 Controls0.45  (0.93)62 /25724
 GDM (diet-treated)0.39  (0.94)11 /5819vs controls.40 (.53)
 Abnormal screen, normal OGTT0.24  (0.93)22 /15914
 Abnormal screen, no OGTT0.34  (1.22)7 /4516
 All abnormal screens0.28  (0.98)40 /26215vs controls.01 (.26)
Parental obesity
 Mother nonobese0.31  (0.95)80 /46117
 Mother obese0.91  (0.99)21 /5141vs nonobese<.001  (.006)§
 Father nonobese0.28  (0.91)41 /27915
 Father obese0.71  (1.02)25 /7832vs nonobese<.001  (.002)§
  • * P values are for comparison of obesity rates between groups and are based on χ2 test.

  • Adjusted P value controls for the effects of maternal and paternal obesity using logistic regression.

  • Analysis excludes five insulin-treated mothers with GDM.

  • § Adjusted P value controls for obesity of the other parent using logistic regression analysis and vice-versa.