Table 5.

Reported Incidence of Bilateral Congenital Hearing Loss79

Infant PopulationIncidence per 1000nMethod of EvaluationReference
Universal*3.01850OAEWhite, 199343
Universal1.410 372AABRMason (current study)
Well0628AABRJoseph, 199350
Well1.21546OAEWhite, 199343
Well0.98971AABRMason (current study)
NICU and high risk21.0373ABRSchulman-Galambos, 197980
NICU34.0451ABRBerrick, 198559
NICU and high risk60.0117ABRBradford, 198556
NICU15.0600ABRDurieux-Smith, 198757
NICU and high risk30.0137ABRSwigonski, 198758
High risk37.0322ABRWatkin, 199135
NICU and high risk12.0405ABRMcClelland, 199281
NICU13304OAEWhite, 199343
NICU5.01401AABRMason (current study)
  • * Universal, both well and NICU infants; NICU, neonatal intensive care unit; high risk, exhibiting one or more risk factors for hearing loss79; OAE, otoacoustic emissions test; AABR, automated auditory brain stem response test; ABR, conventional auditory brain stem response test.