Descriptive Statistics for Characteristics of Providers, Practices, Patients, and Referral Environment for Those Who Refer At-Risk Children for Dental Care

CharacteristicsnMean or %SD
Provider characteristics
    General characteristics
            Family physician16923.7%42.6
        Board certified16979.9%40.2
        Years since graduation16412.99.6
        Hours worked/wk16638.911.7
            Part time (<30)16611.4%31.9
            Normal (30–50)16672.9%44.6
            Overtime (>50)16615.7%36.5
        Oral health education
            Professional school16923.7%42.6
            All 31692.37%15.2
        Prevention, % correct16982.4%15.0
            Prevention score >80%16929.0%45.5
        Oral pathology, % correct16973.3%16.9
            Pathology score >50%16993.5%24.7
        Fluoride, % correct16962.3%17.7
            Fluoride score >50%16962.7%48.5
        Overall, % correct16971.9%11.0
            Overall score >60%16984.0%36.8
    Opinions, scale 1–5
        Office preventive services priority1674.290.74
            Office preventive services priority ≥416784.4%36.4
        Dental preventive services priority1674.740.38
            Dental preventive services priority ≥416858.3%49.5
        Oral examination and risk assessment1674.690.47
            Oral exam importance ≥4.516783.8%36.9
        Oral health counseling1674.680.55
            Oral health counseling importance = 516971.6%45.2
    Confidence, scale 1–3
        Oral health counseling1672.430.42
            Counseling mean ≥2.816719.2%39.5
        Oral screening1672.020.52
            Screening mean ≥216773.7%44.2
        Referral decision1662.290.58
            Referral ≥216993.5%24.7
    Behavior frequency, scale 1–4
        General prevention1683.780.26
            General prevention ≥3.7516870.2%45.9
        Oral health counseling1683.710.41
            Oral counseling ≥3.2516886.9%33.8
        Caries screening1683.840.38
            Caries screening = 416884.5%36.3
        Caries risk assessment1683.280.43
            Caries risk assessment ≥316883.9%36.8
Practice characteristics
    Number of well-care providers1646.323.89
        10 or more providers16418.3%38.8
    Well-care visits, % of all child visits15640.1%19.6
         >50% well-care visits15619.9%40.0
        Patients/h ≥3.7516322.1%41.6
    Infants & toddlers/wk16355.144.1
        Infants and toddlers/wk ≥8016323.9%42.8
Patient characteristics (infants and toddlers)
    Frequency decay, scale 1–61645.490.79
        See decay at least 1/wk (≥6)16461.6%48.8
    % enrolled in Medicaid16943.3%26.9
        ≥15% Medicaid16983.4%37.3
    % enrolled in Health Choice1697.1%7.3
        >5% Health Choice16946.8%50.0
    % uninsured1697.7%8.7
        ≥10% uninsured16937.3%48.5
    % immigrant16910.3%17.6
        ≥20% immigrants16916.0%36.8
    % non-English speaking1699.5%16.5
        ≥20% non-English speaking16917.2%37.8
Environment characteristics
    Difficulty of referral for dental care, scale 1–5
        Routine referral1693.871.08
            Routine difficulty <2.816921.3%41.1
        Emergency referral1613.940.99
            Emergency difficulty ≤316126.1%44.1
        Overall referral difficulty1693.880.94
            Overall difficulty <316918.9%39.3
    Availability of dental providers, scale 1–31671.731.07
        Provider availability ≤216785.0%35.8
    Ratio of Medicaid enrollees/dental provider16914892
        Patient/provider ratio >18116928.4%45.2